Mongolia Rounds off IIHF Divisional Championship with Silver Trophy

2023-03-27 11:03:18

Ulaanbaatar, March 27, 2023 /MONTSAME/. The IIHF World Championship Division IV was successfully held at Steppe Arena of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia on March 23-26, 2023. This is the first time the country hosted IIHF Championships. This Tournament was held under the auspice of President of Mongolia Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh. Team Philippine became the winner in the Tournament by winning three matches. Mongolia placed second with eight points, while Kuwait took third place with three points.


President of Mongolian Ice Hockey Federation Javkhlan Bold congratulated the private sector, especially Achit-Ikht LLC for building an Olympic standard Arena and presented the silver medal to team Mongolia along with Chairman of the Board of Steppe Arena Mr. Tsagaan Puntsag. Anders Larsson, the Council Member of IIHF and the Board Member of the Swedish Ice Hockey Association praised the development of ice hockey in Mongolia and said that “the event and the opening and closing ceremony of the tournament were world-class”.

A. Mergen, Vice President of the Mongolian Ice Hockey Federation, and Head Coach of Mongolia Men's National Ice Hockey Team   

It has been almost 60 years since Mongolians started training in Ice hockey. Mongolia is hosting IIHF World Championships for the first time. Today, Mongolia Men's National Ice Hockey Team captured its first win against Kuwait with a stunning score of 8-0. I would like to thank all the Mongolians and the hockey enthusiasts who cheered on team Mongolia. I am very happy now. Our strongest rival was the Philippines since the team includes five American players and two professional players from Switzerland. As of previous games, our team frequently matched the Philippines. We beat team Philippine twice and became the champion. 

Ice hockey in Mongolia has been developing for 60 years. Successfully organizing the world championships in Mongolia is our accountability, and it is an opportunity to show the world that Mongolia can host the world's high-level ice hockey championships. Moreover, it was a splendid moment that the IIHF valued the abilities and skills of Mongolian players and the activities of the Mongolian Ice Hockey Federation.  

 Anders Larsson, Council Member of IIHF 

It feels very good to be here in Mongolia. Seeing the Steppe Arena is fantastic. My first impression of getting to know the people working for the development of Mongolian ice hockey and the fans and supporters of the team Mongolia here is spectacular. Every tournament is special in its own way. But this one is really special. For the first time in its history, Mongolia is hosting IIHF Men’s World Championship division IV. As for IIHF, it is a valuable opportunity to promote ice hockey through the IIHF World Championships. 

On the first day, the Steppe Arena, with a seating capacity of 2600 to 3600, had a full audience. An hour before the start of the Game, many Mongolian hockey enthusiasts gathered at once in the Steppe Arena to cheer on team Mongolia. Specifically, fans from rural areas of Mongolia as well as the junior ice hockey team from Darkhan city, Mongolia, observed the Championships. Also, hockey enthusiasts from the Philippines, Canada, Indonesia, Kuwait, and the United States, living in Mongolia, visited the Steppe Arena.   

Hockey Fans   

-The speed, the striking, and the pass, just everything of the Mongolian team is good.   

-Today is a very remarkable moment in Mongolian Ice Hockey history. I would like to thank everyone who constructed this Ice Arena, and the organizers of this Tournament. This is my second time observing the world ice hockey championships in the world high-class arena. One of them was the 2023 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Asia and Oceania Championship. The atmosphere in Steppe Arena right now is beyond my expectation.   

B. Dorjpalam, The First State Honored Coach of Mongolian Ice Hockey   

The IIHF World Championship Division IV is considered a very high-level championship. We are hosting this Tournament for the first time. The organization of this event by the Mongolian Ice Hockey Federation and the training of Mongolia national men’s ice hockey team are fantastic.

More than 120 people, including players, coaches, and officials from Kuwait, Indonesia, and the Philippines came to Mongolia for the IIHF World Championship Division IV. After successful runs and fierce battles, the Philippines lifted the Grand Trophy of Division IV.