Certificates of inscription to UNESCO’s World Heritage List were handed

2018-03-06 18:05:41

On the occasion of 55th anniversary of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO a handing over ceremony of three Mongolian heritages' certificates of inscription to UNESCO's World Heritage List was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Foreign Affairs Minister and the director of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO, Mr D.Tsogtbaatar handed over the inscription certificate of the Landscapes of Dauria to the State Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mr Ts.Tsengel.

The Dauria reserve has forests, forest steppe, steppe, lakes and wetlands and is a comprehensive ecosystem with 236 species of birds, 34 species of mammals and 236 species of plants.

The certificate of inscription of the Mongolian traditional practices of worshipping the sacred sites to UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the certificate of inscription of the Stone Stele monument for Mongolian Tanjur to the Documentary Heritage List under the UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme were handed to Ms Ts.Tsogzolma, the Minister of Education.

 During the ceremony, people who have greatly contributed to the promotion of UNESCO's mission throughout Mongolia including Dr.Kh.Bekhbat, former director of the Mongolian National Commission for UNESCO, Mr D.Tsakhilgaan, State Honored Cultural Figure and PhD N.Urtnasan,  head of the Nature and Heritage Protection Foundation NGO were named as UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.