The following measures to be taken to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city

2022-09-29 17:19:56

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. At the Cabinet meeting on September 29, Minister and Chairman of the National Committee on Traffic Congestion J. Sukhbaatar presented some measures to reduce traffic congestion in the capital city. In connection with the presentation, corresponding ministers were given the following tasks;

- To draft a bill on reducing traffic congestion in Ulaanbaatar city and its negative impacts

- To develop and present a proposal on creating specific public transport lanes on carriageways and introducing short-turn routes of buses within the framework of public transport reforms,

- To not issue permits to construct residential and office buildings in the ‘Ikh Toiruu’ area (Big Ring Road) of the capital city until the general development plan of ‘Ulaanbaatar City 2024’ is approved.

- To ensure the implementation of the Law on Auto Transport, prohibit motor vehicles that have not undergone technical inspection for more than one year, have not passed the inspection, and have not paid fines and charges, from participating in the traffic.

- To organize the work of issuing electronic certificates that constitute the National Smart Transport System within the fourth quarter of this year, start its implementation from January 2023, as well as not to allow motor vehicles without electronic certificates to take part in the traffic from March 2023.

-  And to approve the work plan for reducing traffic congestion in Ulaanbaatar city and take measures to ensure its implementation.

In brief

-The Cabinet discussed and supported a draft protocol to amend the ‘Memorandum of Understanding between the government of Mongolia and the government of the Kingdom of Thailand’ established on April 28, 2013 in Ulaanbaatar, and authorized Mongolia’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Thailand to sign the protocol.