Presidents of Mongolia and Russia hold telephone conversation

2021-04-06 10:41:15

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On April 2, President of Mongolia Battulga Khaltmaa held a telephone conversation with President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to discuss timely issues of bilateral relations. 

For the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the leaders exchanged congratulations and discussed issues concerning the Mongolian-Russian cooperation. 

After stressing that in the past years, the traditionally friendly bilateral ties have been developing very successfully and reached the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership, the two presidents agreed to issue a joint statement of heads of the states on the occasion of the diplomatic anniversary in the near future. 

During the conversation, the President of Russia has informed that Mongolian cosmonaut J.Gurragchaa has been awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky, order of merit of the Russian Federation, in recognition of his deeds in the development of Comprehensive Partnership between Mongolia and Russia and on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Mongolian-Soviet joint space flight. 

President Battulga congratulated Russia for successfully developing vaccines against COVID-19 and putting into use. In turn, the Russian President confirmed that he has received a letter dated February 11, 2021, from the Mongolian President on supply of COVID-19 vaccines to Mongolia and Russia is working with Mongolia’s Ministry of Health and the private sector for the COVID-19 vaccine supply within the framework of the requests of the Mongolian President and the Mongolian side. 

President of Mongolia Battulga further expressed gratitude to the Russian President for providing support to the Mongolian government and put forward a request to accelerate the Sputnik-V vaccine delivery to Mongolia. 

In response, President Vladimir Putin pledged to pay attention on the coronavirus vaccine supply to Mongolia in view of the significant historical relationship between the two nations. 

The meeting also touched on Mongolian President’s proposal to manufacture Russia’s Sputnik-V vaccine in Mongolia. Supporting the proposal, President Vladimir Putin noted that a working group will be formed to study the possibilities in this area. In conclusion, the President of Russia expressed his confidence that forthcoming circumstances will enable the two presidents to meet in person.