Some election platforms fail to meet criteria for 2020 parliamentary election

2020-04-07 15:30:58

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. For the forthcoming Parliamentary elections of Mongolia, 15 political parties and 4 coalitions have submitted their election platforms to the National Audit Office of Mongolia (NAO). 

After reviewing the election platforms for their compliance with Mongolia’s policies on long term development and state budget stability, the NAO, yesterday on April 6, concluded that platforms of 4 coalitions and 8 political parties failed to meet criteria, and notices to correct them to bring into compliance with legal requirements within five days were delivered. 

Manifestos of the ruling party Mongolian People’s Party and the opposition Democratic Party are included in those considered ineligible. According to the legislation, the NAO must submit the final conclusion to the General Election Commission (GEC) before April 25, which will then approve their participation in the election. 

In accordance with the law on elections, election platforms must not contain pledges to citizens of money and property, or proceeds and shares from mining, oil, minerals or other industry revenues, or of cancelling or converting loans and other debts.

According to the NAO, for instance, an election platform promising to increase salary to MNT 2.5 million is deemed to impose burden on the state budget, and those offering free apartments and interest-free commercial loans are breaching the law. 

Moreover, candidates to contest in the election submit their declaration of assets and income online at before May 19, as stated in the revised Law on Anti-Corruption. 

After going under the inspection of the Independent Authority Against Corruption, the declarations will be delivered to the GEC, and each summary of the declarations will be disclosed to the public. This step will allow voters to review the declarations of the candidates in their districts and make comparison after they are elected. 

In accordance with the revised elections law, candidates will receive their candidate identification card on the same day of the beginning of the election campaign day, which is scheduled 22 days before the voting day of June 24.