‘Front’ Tsegmid recognized as Honored Herder of Mongolia

2020-08-11 17:37:28

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. On August 10, President of Mongolia Kh.Battulga worked in Dundgobi aimag to get acquainted with new and ongoing road and development projects in the aimag. While visiting the aimag, President Kh.Battulga awarded the honorary titles of Mongolia and ‘Order of Maternal Glory’ to eligible mothers in the aimag.

This year, 161 mothers in Dundgobi aimag have been awarded the ‘Order of Maternal Glory’, including 8 first-class Order and 153 second-class order.

“Raising a healthy child is great merit and investment for the development of the country.” – said President Kh.Battulga during the awarding ceremony and expressed sincere gratitude and congratulations to the mothers. 

Also during the event, S.Tsegmid, senior citizen from Saikhan-Ovoo soum in Dundgobi aimag, popularly known as ‘Front’ Tsegmid, was awarded the title of Honored Herder of Mongolia.

S.Tsegmid was among the Mongolian delegation, headed by Marshall Choibalsan, that delivered 217 wagons of assistance of the Mongolian people to the front-line Soviet soldiers in 1942. The assistance included sheepskin coats, felt boots, fur lined coats, foodstuffs, as well as over forty T-34 tanks of the ‘revolutionary Mongolian tank brigade’ which was collected by the sincere donation of the Mongolian people.  

She is one of the living witnesses of this event. Today, she is 100 years old and lives in her native soum Saihan-Ovoo, Dundgobi aimag. S.Tsegmid was awarded the jubilee medal ‘75 years of Victory in the Great Patriotic War’ by the decree of President of the Russian Federation just over a month ago.