February 15 events

2019-02-15 11:29:16

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ Following events expected on February 15:

9 AM: Project financing receipts to be awarded to professors, scholars and young researchers of the National University of Mongolia at the NUM building No.1

9 AM: ‘Historical compilation of land laws’ book to be presented to the public at the  Agency for Land Administration and Management, Geodesy and Cartography

10:30 AM: Canadian hockey coaches to conduct a training at the ‘Blast’ ice rink of Bayanzurkh district

10:30 AM: Citizens’ Representatives’ Khural Presidium meeting to be held at the Governor’s Office of the capital city

11 AM: National Statistics Office to report on Social and Economic situation of Mongolia as of January 2019 at the Government Building No.3

11:30 AM: Opening of protein factory to produce meat, protein and animal fats in Emeelt to be held

1 PM: Authorities of press and media to sign Memorandum on Gender sensitive policy at the Press Institute

3:30 PM: Ministry of Health to hand over ambulances to health departments of 21 aimags at Sukhbaatar Square