Mongolia to introduce e-Passports in 2018

2017-01-20 09:05:42

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/ On January 19, R.Sodkhuu, Director of General Authority for State Registration and Intellectual Property met with the delegates of Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company regarding the issue of digitalization of Mongolian foreign travel passport.

“We announced a tender with an aim to shift to a system of e-Passport or biometric passport in line with international standards with introduction of an electronic chip. The Hungarian Banknote Printing Shareholding Company has been selected for the task of printing the new passports”, said R.Sodkhuu.

“We’ve signed an agreement with the company to update the foreign travel passports of about 1 million Mongolians”, he said.

"The world is shifting to e-system, and Mongolia will start updating the foreign travel passports beginning in the first season of 2018, said R.Sodkhuu who also didn’t deny the possible price increase in acquiring e-Passport due to its high encryption feature.

Mongolia sets out to provide its citizens with e-Passports acceptable anywhere in the world by 2019.