‘Switch Off Air Pollution in Mongolian Cities’ Project Launches

2022-12-09 10:47:24

Ulaanbaatar /MONTSAME/. Air pollution is one of the most pressing issues facing Mongolia - even moreso in its capital Ulaanbaatar, where the Government of Mongolia has declared air pollution a national emergency. In this regard, Geres INGO implemented the Switch Off Air Pollution project between 2018-2022, funded by the European Union’s Switch Asia Programme, under which 1,546 households implemented energy efficient solutions, 73 construction brigades were trained, and 3,556 CO2 emissions were avoided.


As a continuation of the project, Geres Mongolia has launched the second phase of the project - Switch Off Air Pollution in Mongolian Cities (SOAP 2) - in 2022 with funding from the European Union’s Switch-Asia Programme, the Abbe Pierre Foundation, the Global Alliance for Green and Gender Action, and the French Development Agency to improve the energy efficiency of detached houses in urban areas and contribute to reducing air pollution and maximizing health, economic, and social benefits.


At the inception event of the SOAP 2 project, held on December 7, the project team and implementing partners presented the activities and expected outcomes of the project, discussed next steps, and conducted a field visit to households that implemented energy-efficient solutions under the ‘Simple Solutions’ campaign, aimed at encouraging simple and affordable DIY insulation solutions.

The Ambassador of the French Republic to Mongolia Sébastien Surun, Delegation of the European Union to Mongolia Policy Attache Paola Vestlund, and Geres Mongolia Country Director Eliane Jarry delivered opening remarks to open the event, with attendance from over 60 representatives from the private sector, financial institutions, civil society organizations, international organizations, and implementing partners.

 “Under the first phase of the project, we built an energy delivery model that connects each of the actors - supplies, brigades, energy auditors, financial institutions, authorities, and of course, those who wish to insulate their homes,” said Eliane Jarry, Country Director of Geres Mongolia. “Over the next four years, the engagement of multilateral stakeholders is even more important to reinforce this energy delivery model and contribute to decreasing air pollution in Mongolia.


The SOAP 2 project aims to train 160 MSMEs, encourage 5,900 households to implement energy-efficient insulation solutions, and decrease CO2 emissions by 17,700 tons from 2022 to 2026 and is implemented by Geres Mongolia, Building Energy Efficiency Center, Mongolian National Construction Association, Mongolian Green Finance Corporation, and the Mongolian Women’s Fund.


About Geres

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