Guizhou Satellite TV released a video: Musical journey of international student Beloved Mebhena from Zimbabwe in Dong Village, Congjiang, Guizhou

2022-11-04 16:48:06

Congjiang is located in the southeast of Guizhou Province, China. There is Zhanli Village, which is known as "Xanadu", Xiaohuang Dong Village, a far and near famous village for Dong songs, and Jiabang Terraces, one of the four most beautiful terraces of China.

The short video series "Be My Guest" produced by Guizhou Satellite TV invites foreigners to visit Guizhou in the form of a reality show to record their real life on the spot. In this episode, an international student named Beloved Mebhena from Zimbabwe came to Zhanli Village, Congjiang, Guizhou to visit her Dong friend Wu Xinping, hoping to learn the real Guizhou folk music here. In the Dong Village, Beloved Mebhena learned to sing the Grand Song of the Dong ethnic group with Pan Sayinhua, the representative inheritor of the Dong Song of the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, and followed Wu Xinping to attend the "Xing Ge Zuo Yue" event, where young Dong people express affection to each other. Moreover, she also visited the fairyland-like Jiabang Terraces in Congjiang.

The Jiabang Terraces are a visual feast prepared by Xinping for Beloved Mebhena. The melody of the Dong songs has been lingering in the head of Beloved Mebhena. This musical journey allowed Beloved Mebhena to make her wish come true. Beloved Mebhena said that she really likes Dong songs, and she likes the passionate Dong people here as well, and at the same time she felt the happiness that the music brings her.

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